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I think a good place to start would be a film called "Sugar the bitter truth"  by Dr, Robert Lustig. The film is about sugar and how your body processes it and the deadly effects it has on your body. To me it struck home having a history of diabetes in my family. I found it on (www.YouTube.com). This film is a real eye opener that has a HUGE WOW FACTOR. I hope that I have helped those who needed to see it by this mention of it.

One day after an appeals court struck down Mayor Blomberg's ban on large sodas, the New York City Health Department released a report on the state of type 2 diabetes among NYC residents, and the numbers are staggering.
The number of diabetics in NYC increased 30 percent between 2002 and 2012, the health department reported at a panel on the diabetes epidemic, held on Wednesday by Everyday Health. The number of New Yorkers with type 2 diabetes jumped from eight percent to 10.7 percent, or one in nine adults, making it the second largest killer behind smoking-related deaths.

Almost one hundred years ago a time before the discovery of insulin a Type 1 Diabetic had a limited number of treatment options, the following was found on Gutenberg.org

OF DIABETES Copyrighted 1915
  W. M. Leonard


Although Dr. Allen's modifications of the classical treatment of saccharine diabetes have been in use only for about two years in the hands of their author, and for a much shorter time in those of other physicians, it seems to me already clearly proven that Dr. Allen has
notably advanced our ability to combat the disease.

One of the difficulties which is likely to prevent the wide adoption of his treatment is the detailed knowledge of food composition and calorie value which it requires. Dr. Hill's and Miss Eckman's little book should afford substantial aid to all who have not had opportunity
of working out in detail the progressive series of diets which should be used after the starvation period. These diets, worked out by Miss Eckman, head of the diet kitchen at the Massachusetts General Hospital, have seemed to me to work admirably with the patients who
have taken them, both in hospital and private practice. The use of thrice boiled vegetables, as recommended by Dr. Allen, seems to be a substantial step in advance, giving, as it does, a considerable bulk of food without any considerable carbohydrate portion, and with the
semblance of some of the forbidden vegetables.

It is, of course, too early to say how far reaching and how permanent the effects of such a diet will be in the severe and in the milder cases of diabetes. All we can say is that thus far it appears to work admirably well. To all who wish to give their patients the benefit of
this treatment I can heartily recommend this book.

Richard C. Cabot.
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